Smart Thinking On Investing – December 16

Smart Thinking On Investing – December 16

This week in Smart Thinking I wanted to share Andy Hayes’ collected wisdom for saving money over the holidays, all from top personal finance bloggers, for Calculate My Wealth. Jennifer Streaks, blogging at Chelsea Krost, determines how we can best measure our holiday tipping. And Melanie Lockert, guest writing at Self Lender helps us get our finances in order before the close of the year.
Sally French and Shawn Langlois of Market Watch uncover a corner of Reddit where millennials are trying to get rich quick or die tryin’. And from her website, Stefanie O’Connell explains in a very cool infographic just why single ladies struggle with one income stream…

How to Make Festive Savings


  • Don’t let the festivities sneak up on you, get a budget prepared and in play for all your upcoming expenses, from Christmas food to present money
  • Automated delivery services for your household can save you big money in the long-run—just by getting your present shopping delivered to you!
  • Celebrate on the cheap with friends with a potluck dinner—everyone can bring something different, and you all save on the expense of a Christmas party
  • Pick up a seasonal job, a great way to earn some extra cash!

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Seasonal Holiday Tipping


  • When it comes to Christmas, we all want to give more in appreciation for good service
  • Not an easy task to judge the rest of the year, at this time it becomes harder to know what to give and to who; begin by setting a limit—you don’t need to go overboard
  • For those you rely on the most—use the benchmark of the cost of a regular visit (a personal training session, a haircut, etc.) as a guide—consider a card to say happy holiday for the rest!

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Get Sorted Financially Before 2017


  • Undergo you own personal financial review, and set goals for the New Year; what do you need to work on? Are you earning your maximum potential? How much debt can you pay off?
  • Step up your expenditure changes; be bold and look at where you can make some major financial adjustments to save more money
  • Use the next month to spend 30 minutes a day, for 30 days, to check every financial aspect of your life, from tax documents to insurance to your credit report—start the New Year in shape

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“900 to 55K in 12 Days!”


  • As heard on ‘WallStreetBets’—a Reddit forum where traders with an appetite for huge risk hang out—by an 18-year-old who struck lucky by betting against the S&P 500
  • Many investors are using the sounding board capabilities of Reddit to discuss stocks and trade potentials
  • With a war cry of “YOLO” (You Only Live Once), these investors are aggressive; looking for the most volatile, high-risk gambles they can find—a dangerous approach to investing at any age, proceed this way with caution!

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Calling All Single Ladies—Cultivate New Income Streams!


  • A study by Wells Fargo uncovered that not only are single women having to deal with insufficient financial resources, their employer contributions to retirement plans are lower too
  • The disparity is often due to salary inequality, but given that women tend to live longer than men it’s no wonder more single females go through financial troubles
  • This is not because of “inferior female financial habits,” actually, women are statistically better savers—ladies, it’s time to negotiate your wages up!

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