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Are There Still Deming Style Managed Companies?


Deming’s Style

Dr. W. Edwards Deming illustrated his management style through the creation of his 14 points. These were a comprehensive list of what he saw wrong in management and what he thought should be done to improve it. Understanding these 14 main principles and applying them to company leadership can be difficult for a business to achieve without the right interpretation. Yet, some companies are still following these evolved rules within their management practices today.

Award Winning Companies

Deming never produced a how-to manual for management, but what he did set out were his 14 points for improved leadership practices as a guide for organizations to focus on. Many organizations have taken these principles to heart, focusing on quality management and reducing the damage that is often caused by sub-optimization issues within a business. The first place to look is for these types of companies are in Deming Prize winners. The Deming Prize is the highest global quality award issued by the Union of Japanese Scientists and Engineers. Last year there was one winner in India: the company Ashok Leyland Ltd., Pantnagar Plant, and there were two winners in Japan: Toyota Motor Kyushu, Inc. and Maruwa Electronic & Chemical Co., Ltd.

True Deming Disciples

Besides these companies and many before them, there is also Hillerich & Bradsby Co.—the major corporation that produces Powerbuilt, Louisville Slugger, and several other brands— who puts these principles into practice regularly. The leader of this organization, John A. Hillerich III, is a member of the Deming Institute Board of Trustees and has been over many years.

Toyota Motor

Toyota Motor stands as one of the best examples of a company that has consistently followed Dr. Deming’s management teachings. Toyota has followed his 14 points to the letter and evolved the principles over 60 years of business. What Toyota has achieved masterfully, since the original interpretation of these rules, was to continue building on the framework, evolving in tandem with modern technology. Toyota has also completed in-depth research into what makes a quality manager, what a top-quality management team should focus on, and what the Deming management style should exemplify in a modern era.

So indeed, there are companies still following Dr. Deming’s style of management to varying degrees across the world. Click the links below for more information.

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