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Smart Thinking On Investing – May 5

Smart Thinking On Investing – May 5

Alaya Linton of Hope and Cents heads up Smart Thinking this week with her perspective on how to overcome money mistakes. Becky Lang writing for Wit & Delight shares the financial tips she wishes she’d known in her twenties. And guest blogging on Money After Graduation, Bridget Casey writes that the future you’re saving for does not exist.


Zach of Four Pillar Freedom speaks to those who complain about not reaching financial independence. And Charlie Bilello, Director of Research at Pension Partners, asks what is more important; saving or investing…


To Err Is Human


  • We all make mistakes with our money, from large ones to small, it’s how you react to your mistakes that is important
  • Start out by taking responsibility for the actions that caused the error; stop pointing fingers and move forward by reflecting on what you’ve learned
  • Now work out a plan for how to avoid making that mistake again and share what you’ve learned with others to help them avoid the same situation

What money mistakes have you made? Share your experiences in the section below

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Money Insights for Your 20s


  • Remember to be patient, though your salary might be low in comparison to others but it will increase slowly, if it’s too low though, start considering a different job or a raise
  • Realise that the only person who is going to get you forward in life is yourself, speak up for your career to move onwards and upwards
  • You are never too young to start investing, begin now with whatever you have available, you don’t need to be rich to get involved

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The Future Is Uncertain


  • It is hazardous to your finances to assume that life will always go according to how you ‘plan’ it
  • Don’t limit your flexibility by believing this is the case, and while listening to your elder’s advice is useful, be aware that the world you’ll be working in is different to how theirs was—their financial suggestions may not be right for you
  • Remain adaptable; the career and retirement you foresee may not happen as planned, be financially open to everything

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Why Financial Independence Is Possible to Achieve


  • So, you may not have a college degree, but in today’s modern society a degree isn’t behind all high-salaried jobs
  • So, you may not have a high-salary job, use the internet and get inspired to start a side hustle and earn more money
  • So, a lot of your incomes goes on outgoing payments, learn to downsize: Do you need a car to get to work or would a bike do? Do you need all the stuff you own and the expensive apartment you rent?
  • Where can you trim your expenses and reach financial independence sooner?

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Your Personal Savings or Investing?


  • Much financial advice tells us the importance of investing for our futures, but for the majority of Americans savings should come first in our goals
  • The reason being—whether we earn $25,000 or $250,000—without savings we cannot begin to invest
  • Over 60% of Americans have less than $1,000 in savings, and 66 million have no emergency fund in place—if we’re not saving, as the statistics show, then we’re not investing either

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