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Smart Thinking On Investing – May 28

Smart Thinking On Investing – May 28    

Here’s a look at the articles I’ve collected for you this week in Smart Thinking On Investing. GoGirl Finance shares some interesting facts and advice about women and finance. And Matt Turner from the Business Insider has insights into why young investors are going about it all wrong.
Len Penzo dot Com teaches us five ways to stop wasting and, instead, start saving money. Hunting Maguire has compiled a must-read list about money and investing. And Binh Nguyen, blogger for Chelsea Krost, brings us successful entrepreneur Geno Vento’s words of wisdom, “Sacrifice comes with a present at the end; if you sacrifice a portion of your money now while you’re in your 30s, you’ll be rewarded in the long haul.”

It’s A Woman’s World

  • The number of women out-earning men is on the rise; 28% of women earn more than their partners, to the other 72%; be strong and negotiate the pay raise you deserve
  • Despite women being behind 85% of consumer purchases, marketers don’t seem to understand their dominant audience—probably because only 3% of creative directors are women
  • By 2030, it’s estimated that women will rule the world—or be in charge of two-third of the US’ wealth at least

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  • Millennials regret decisions they made about the financial crisis, believe that investing is all about timing the market, and hold a large portion of cash in their assets
  • As with other generations before them, Millennials haven’t learned the buy and hold strategy which will set them up for the future
  • Take Jim Cramer’s (from CNBC’s ‘Mad Money’) advice and put the first $10,000 of your savings into an index fund

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Stop Bad Spending Habits

  • Are you the type of person that buys the latest technology, shops because there’s a sale on, and pays an annual credit card fee?
  • Maybe you’re someone who doesn’t sign up for loyalty cards, and eats out a lot?
  • If you answered yes to any of these; start curbing some of these frivolous spending habits to avoid wasting more money

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Your Financial Education Starts Here

  • Millions of students attend university each year, but not many people take the time to educate themselves about money and finances
  • Our debts are all part of the financial game of life, “Who is in Debt to Who”
  • Read the five book titles for a better understanding of the stock market, cash-flow needs, saving, budgeting, and investing as well as much more

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Start as You Mean to Go On

  • Investors are no longer the stereotypes of old; be on trend and start investing now to reap the rewards in the future
  • You don’t need a financial advisor to get started—though there are benefits to seeking advice— and you can begin with $5000 or less
  • Experiment with different approaches and discover that the financial world is your oyster

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Do you want to start investing on your own, but don’t know how?

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