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Smart Thinking On Investing – June 23

Smart Thinking On Investing – June 23

Lesley James, writing for Money Nuggets, opens up Smart Thinking this week with a look at the best questions to ask a financial advisor. The Financial Panther reveals how to pay off ridiculously high amounts of student debt in just 5 or 6 years. And Sarah Li Cain of High Fiving Dollars advocates finding a “money bestie.”

The team at Simplified Money explain how to get your money stylish. And Chelsea Krost, on her self-named blog, interviews money guru Stefanie O’Connell…


For a Long and Fruitful Relationship with Your Financial Advisor


  • It’s important to ask if your financial advisor (FA) has experience working with clients of your age and experience to see if they can help you meet your goals
  • Ask about their fees; it’s crucial to get the whole picture of what they will charge you, whether it’s a percentage of your investment or a fixed fee or an hourly rate
  • See if you can chat with other clients about their experiences with your FA; it’s always worth getting a reference before you employ someone

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Drowning in Student Loan Debt?


  • Fear not—on the surface your debt amount may seem insurmountable, but there are a number of ways you can significantly make a dent in it, perhaps even pay it off
  • You gotta live weird though—this means using lateral thinking to achieve your goals by any means necessary—consider everything from living with your parents to what refinancing options you can get
  • Spend your money on debt before anything else, make it your number one priority over “living like a baller” to see a major reduction

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Find Your “Money Bestie”


  • A “money bestie” is your accountability partner and support when it comes to all things finance, they can be an important person on your financial journey
  • As well as being reinforcement when you’re tempted to play the shame game over any financial mistake, an accountability partner can help you find alternative solutions to money problems
  • Don’t underestimate your money bestie; they can help you reach your financial dreams and goals to offer encouragement when you’re maybe not feeling motivated

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Get Your Money Looking-Good


  • Spend the time—but not the money—to write down everywhere you’re spending your income
  • Now, open a budget account and a savings one to separate the money you are allowed to spend from the money you need to pay bills, and away from the figure you want to save too
  • Avoid mission creep, create a financial plan and stick to it; don’t let rising income fracture the budget you establish by increasing your spending habits

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Make More Money


  • Believing in yourself is the first step to making more money, your perceived boundaries are your only limitations
  • Whatever your job, raise your rates or start working towards a pay rise—always negotiate up, and don’t be afraid to ask
  • Expand your skill set and your market, by improving your capabilities to command more money; you’ll be in a better position to earn more

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