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Smart Thinking On Investing – June 16

Smart Thinking On Investing – June 16

Writing for The Simple Dollar, Trent Hamm heads up Smart Thinking this week with a sharp truth about our finances. Zach of the Four Pillar Freedom blog explains how investment returns aren’t the only way to be set for retirement. And Grant Sabatier, author of Millennial Money, urges us to try a powerful new mindset for retiring early.

Behavioral Value Investor Gary Mishuris examines the best ways to lose money in the stock market. And David Carlson, writer of the Young Adult Money blog, reveals how millennials are supporting older generations… 


“No One Owes You Anything”


  • It is a simple truth, but one we maybe don’t consider a lot; no one else will sort your finances for you, and if you acknowledge this early, you’ll free yourself of naive expectations and regret later on in life
  • No one owes you money to retire on, a good career, respect or even business success and promotions; these are earned, not granted
  • You are in control of your destiny and financial future, no one else, it’s important to take control of both early if you have goals you want to achieve

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How Much Do Investment Returns Matter?


  • While on the surface, your eventual investment returns seem like they should be your entire focus
  • A powerful savings rate can more than make up for future rough investment returns and help you reach financial independence so much quicker
  • For the long run, your compound interest will help work magic on your investment returns, but short term, it’s all about getting a strong savings rate

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Shift Your Mindset


  • Thinking in percentages can be a powerful strategy for being part of that core 1% who are able to retire early
  • Always assess the percentage difference in what potential savings and investing rates you can achieve, as just 1% extra can make a significant impact on both over a long run
  • 1% extra savings/investing can take 2 years of your retirement goal and help you reach financial independence sooner, but 5% more, if you are young, can shave a whole 10 years off!

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Ways to Lose Money in Investing


  • Invest in companies that are going through rapid change and don’t have a competitive advantage
  • Work with management teams that make money off you rather than with you or are not capable of operations and capital allocation
  • Buy companies for more than they are worth and ensure they have a lot of debt—oh, and don’t forget to think short-term too

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Support from the Younger Generation


  • Millennials get a bad rep for a “lack of work ethic” and desire for “instant gratification”—ut there are a few areas where millennials are in fact subsidizing older generations
  • The $20 trillion national debt, for instance, cannot be laid at their feet, but it is a burden that they will be paying off
  • As well as being hit by higher healthcare premiums as a younger generation, millennials are also paying into the social security system which not many expect to see the benefit of in their own future

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