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Smart Thinking On Investing – July 28

Smart Thinking On Investing – July 28

Heading up Smart Thinking this week, Ms. Financier of The Feminist Financier blog reveals her mortgage money mistakes. Four Pillar Freedom writer Zach examines the savings rate we need to reach Financial Independence. And The Millenial Money Man explains what would happen if we started teaching financial education in school.


Stefanie O’Connell on her self-named blog looks at what women were prohibited from doing with their money just 50 years ago. And Sarah Li Cain of High Fiving Dollars shares the money lessons she learned living in a rural town… 

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  • Getting onto the property ladder can seem a sensible step to take once you graduate and get a job, but don’t be deceived into making this huge financial decision at such an early point in your life
  • Yes, it can be a tax deduction, yes, it is an investment for your future but make sure it’s one you can actually afford
  • If you get tied into terms where you may only pay off interest and never make a dent on the principle debt, you are taking a risky financial bet on

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Reaching Financial Independence


  • Your savings rate is the amount of income you’re saving each year as opposed to your spending amount
  • To achieve financial independence, you need 25 times your yearly expenses, once you work that out, you can assess the minimum savings rate required to reach that figure
  • Even if you start investing late, you can still achieve financial independence quickly; you just need a dramatically high savings rate

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The Future If We All Received Financial Education


  • People would concentrate on investing in assets rather than buying liabilities such as dividend stocks and ETFs rather than cars and houses
  • People who are more budget savvy and educated about how not to accrue bad debt would probably also have higher net worths too
  • Minimalism would not so much be a popular trend but an accepted way of life over consumerism

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How Times Change


  • The number of female breadwinners has risen to 40% from 11% just fifty years ago, but only 7% of women today are confident about their future retirement finances
  • Yet as little as 50 years ago, women could not get a credit card or business loan, or apply for “male-only jobs”
  • There was no such thing as job security if a woman got pregnant, and women couldn’t run their own home equity
  • Today, male or female, you can take charge of your own financial future thankfully, so be sure to do so

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Living Rurally


  • Isolation can lead to overspending on the opportunities you do get to go out, don’t just go out for the sake of it, and examine your spending habits to curb this emotional response
  • Given the distance to local amenities, you can be so much more frugal and sensible when making purchases, and look for bargains
  • Rather than struggling against it, enjoy the seclusion and take the time to review your finances, make a dent in your debt, and catch up on your financial education

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