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Smart Thinking On Investing – April 28

Smart Thinking On Investing – April 28

Smart Thinking kicks off with a look at being too poor for welfare by Tyler Hatch for The Financial Diet. Kara Perez, writing for Chime Bank, asks if you have a healthy relationship with money. And Lisa Mad Money Monster shares her financial comeback story on Budgets are Sexy.


Sarah Li Cain of High Fiving Dollars helps us change our mindset for paying down debt. And writing for the Harvard Business Review, Raina Brands and Isabel Fernandez-Mateo examine why more talented women aren’t moving up the executive ladder…


“Too Poor for Welfare”


  • The cost of being poor in America is actually rising as poverty becomes more and more expensive
  • And while applying for government assistance may be easy, the criteria you must meet to be considered eligible for aid is precise and unyielding
  • The emotional toil of these situations can be the hardest to bear, though it is hard to discuss finances don’t suffer through this situation alone—reach out to family or friends for emotional support if nothing else

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Understand Your Money Values


  • Your money values are the influencing factors that determine how you feel about money
  • These are shaped by the way you interact with money as you grow up, what your income is, how you spend it, and your social groups
  • It’s important to align positive money values with your habits to help you move towards your financial goals and ambitions

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Stay on Track


  • Landing a successful job is both a blessing and a curse; be careful as you start earning more money that you stay your spending habits too
  • Relationships with people who don’t share the same money values can also derail us from our financial goals for the future and retirement
  • Don’t succumb to inertia in your drive to reach financial independence and don’t let others distract you either, stay on track with your investments and retirement accounts

How do you stay on track financially? Share your experiences in the section below

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Get Debt Paid


  • Paying down your debt is one of the most stressful and emotional things to achieve, putting a plan in place to help yourself can improve the whole situation
  • Holding yourself accountable for getting into debt will not make you feel better or help towards paying it off—forgive yourself and move on
  • There is no situation you’re above while trying to pay debt off; be it taking on extra work, having no social life or doing something you don’t particularly enjoy to get paid—it’s all temporary anyway

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Top Talent Not Moving up the Ladder


  • While women make up 40% of the workforce across the world, they are only in 24% of all senior management and board-level roles
  • It’s not risk aversion or lack of confidence that’s stalling their rise on the executive ladder, instead, research shows that it’s past rejection for similar roles that is putting women off from applying again
  • And while rejection is a “routine part of corporate life,” many women are shying away because they are getting strong signals these roles are intended for men only

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