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Building Knowledge Through Predictions: Deming in Schools Case Study with John Dues (Part 4)

05/03/2023 |

In this episode (part 4 of the series), John and Andrew continue their discussion from part 3. They talk about how to use data charting in combination with the Plan-Do-Study-Act cycle to gain the knowledge managers need to lead effectively.

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Why Variation Matters: Awaken Your Inner Deming (Part 3)

04/26/2023 |

In this episode, Bill and Andrew discuss variation, the impossibility of true interchangeability and why we need to apply “shades of gray” thinking at work. Bill shares the key question that will take your organization beyond “meets specifications” and help improve your processes, so you can delight your customers.

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Optimizing Diversity: Role of a Manager in Education (Part 3)

04/19/2023 |

In this third discussion in a series on the Role of a Manager, David and Andrew discuss how a manager should view, and treat, people. Deming wrote, “It’s just not ranking people, it is instead recognition of differences between people and an intent to put everybody in position for development.” David applies this to education: literally looking at how to support everyone with limited resources.

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Making Data Meaningful: Deming in Schools Case Study with John Dues (Part 3)

04/12/2023 |

Education is often touted as data- or evidence-driven. But in this discussion, John Dues contends that educational data is often fiction, given how easy it is to distort, both via the inputs and outputs and through manipulation.

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Meeting Requirements Is Not Enough: Awaken Your Inner Deming (Part 2)

04/07/2023 |

What is quality? Does it mean always meeting specifications? What if the calculus for specifications means little and tells managers almost nothing about the process or its potential for improvement? Dr. Bill Bellows discusses the negative consequences of this kind of black-and-white thinking and what to do about it.

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Fostering Cooperation: Role of a Manager in Education (Part 2)

03/29/2023 |

In this episode, Andrew and David discuss how managers can help people to see themselves as components in a system, working with those before and after them in the process of educating children – for the benefit of all.

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Growing Businesses in Kenya: Interview with Justin Macharia

03/24/2023 |

Andrew talks to Justin Marcharia, Round Table Training Africa’s Managing Director, about his collaboration with The Deming Institute. His goal is to help new and small businesses in East Africa use the Deming philosophy to grow in sustainable ways.

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Applying SoPK: Deming in Schools Case Study (Part 2)

03/16/2023 |

Most people come into education familiar with classroom management and curriculum, but the concept of Profound Knowledge changes the way you view the entire field and your part in it. In the second episode of the Deming in Schools Case Study, Andrew and John talk about applying the System of Profound Knowledge to education.

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From Taguchi to Deming: Awaken Your Inner Deming (Part 1)

03/07/2023 |

In this, the first in a series of episodes on Awakening Your Inner Deming, Andrew talks with Dr. Bill Bellows about his journey. He started with Taguchi, read his way through other quality “gurus”, and finally found Deming in unexpected places – solving big problems in space shuttles along the way!

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Define the System and the Aim: Role of a Manager in Education (Part 1)

02/27/2023 |

With this episode, Andrew and David P. Langford start a new series on the Role of the Manager in Education.

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