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Improve Your Time Management

08/04/2016 |

  Embed from Getty Images   Organize the time you spend on thoughts, conversations, and activities; optimize the time for those that produce the best results and cut down time for others Allow time for interruptions; you can’t avoid them, and spend the first 30 minutes of each day plotting your time plan for rest…

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The Mistruths About Lean

08/03/2016 |

Embed from Getty Images Lean is not just for speed, just as Six Sigma is not just for quality improvement Apply Lean effectively as a philosophy; as a change in your management approach, it is not just a tool to be used To employ the two together successfully; focus on lean methods to solve quality…

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Recreate those Café Scene Experiences in Your Own Home

08/02/2016 |

Embed from Getty Images   If you yearn for the café style culture from your far flung travel experiences, worry not, you can recreate it in your home; start with the right soundtrack Buy quality coffee beans; you can now buy them from all over the world so whether it’s Colombian or Indonesian coffee, you…

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Capture Your Audience’s Attention With Your Presentation

08/01/2016 |

Embed from Getty Images   Be bold and startle them with your introduction—grab their interest by being controversial and exciting Uncover interesting facts about an unknown date and discuss events happening that might be of consequence to your audience Don’t forget to use intriguing visual aids; a picture speaks a thousand words remember Read Full…

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Smart Thinking On Investing – July 29

07/29/2016 |

Smart Thinking On Investing – July 29 Michael Ruderman starts us off this week with his take in the Huffington Post on what you can learn from Pokémon Go to apply to your finances. Georgi Boorman, a writer for The Federalist, sheds light on myths that millennials’ believe are making them poor. And Brittany Jones Cooper for Yahoo…

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Smart Thinking On Investing – July 23

07/23/2016 |

Smart Thinking On Investing – July 23 This week I thought we’d start with a handy checklist to use when it comes to choosing stocks, by Graham Witcomb of the Intelligent Investor. Samantha Fryzol, from Elite Daily, offers good reasons why your 20s are the best time to move towards financial independence away from your parent’s…

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Smart Thinking On Investing – July 16

07/16/2016 |

Smart Thinking On Investing – July 16 This week’s selection of articles includes Moneystepper’s opening strategy for those new to investing—for those looking to make the dive. Paul Katzeff of Investor’s Business Daily uncovers the reasons behind millennials shying away from investing. And Steven Van Metre from The Bakersfield Californian, suggests that we’ve been critical of…

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Smart Thinking On Investing – July 9

07/09/2016 |

Smart Thinking On Investing – July 9     This week Meaghan Carlson from TechCrunch shares her inside view on what it will take to get millennials confidently investing in the stock market. Kathleen Elkins of the Business Insider discovers why Grant Cardone, a self-made millionaire is ‘broke’ twice a year. And continuing the millionaires theme; Jonnelle Marte, a…

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Smart Thinking On Investing – July 2

07/02/2016 |

Smart Thinking On Investing – July 2     This week I wanted to share some good advice from Sophia Bera from the Business Insider, about the advantages of investing as soon as possible. Stefan Sharpe, the author of The Millennial Budget, warns us how not to make the same investing mistakes he did. And Haley Smith,…

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Smart Thinking On Investing – June 25

06/25/2016 |

Smart Thinking On Investing – June 25     This week in Smart Thinking I found an article on a great role model; Hetty Green, the first woman to invest on Wall Street—learn more about her from Amanda Leek at Telegraph Money. The Motley Fool’s Sean Williams advises us how to lose our money on the…

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