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Who Needs Special Help? Role of a Manager in Education (Part 9)

09/20/2023 |

Most of the time, variation between students or workers is the result of common cause situations, but sometimes you find folks who consistently aren’t performing at the same level. Does more punishment work? What should you do instead? In the episode, David Langford and host Andrew Stotz discuss how managers (or teachers) should approach these “special cause” situations.

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Resource Management: Awaken Your Inner Deming (Part 9)

09/13/2023 |

In this episode, Bill Bellows and host Andrew Stotz talk about resource management in a non-traditional sense. Bill explains how managing the variation and integration in your product or service is just as important as increasing consistency and removing waste.

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The Student Supply Chain and Using PDSA for Improvement Deming in Schools Case Study with John Dues (Part 12)

09/06/2023 |

In this series, John Dues and host Andrew Stotz discuss principles that educational systems leaders can use to guide their transformation work. This episode covers principles 4 and 5: maximize high-quality learning and work continually on the system.

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Whose fault is it? Role of a Manager in Education (Part 8)

08/30/2023 |

When things go wrong, who gets blamed? When things go right, who gets the credit? Dr. Deming wrote that good managers don’t play the blame/credit game. Instead, they “study results [of feedback] with the aim to improve performance.” In this episode, David Langford and host Andrew Stotz discuss getting honest feedback, how to react, and why it’s important.

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Applying Deming’s 14 Points to Education – Points 2 and 3: Deming in Schools Case Study with John Dues (Part 11)

08/23/2023 |

In this episode, John Dues and host Andrew Stotz discuss points 2 and 3 of Dr. Deming’s 14 Points for Management – translated for people in education: adopt the new philosophy and cease dependence on inspection to achieve quality.

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Understanding Shades of Variation: Awaken Your Inner Deming (Part 8)

08/16/2023 |

In this episode, Bill and Andrew discuss the shades of variation: meeting requirements, accuracy, precision, and precision around variety. Is reducing variation to zero a good thing? Plus, Bill and Andrew share stories that offer practical ways to think about these concepts.

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Starting the Transformation: Deming in Schools Case Study with John Dues (Part 10)

08/09/2023 |

In this episode, John and Andrew shift from management myths (don’t do this) to principles for transformation (do this instead) based on Deming’s 14 Points for Management. This episode introduces the principles and the context you need to get started.

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Unleashing Hidden Powers for Improvement: Role of a Manager in Education (Part 7)

08/02/2023 |

David and Andrew discuss the three types of power that leaders have: authority, knowledge, and persuasion. David also explains where the current style of “command and control” management comes from and what a nearly failed family vacation can tell us about power.

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Seeing Through New Eyes: Awaken Your Inner Deming (Part 7)

07/27/2023 |

Learning Deming is like seeing the world through a different lens. In this episode, Bill Bellows uses various examples to show us how powerful that new vision can be.

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Going Beyond Good: Awaken Your Inner Deming (Part 6)

07/19/2023 |

If something is “good” is that good enough? Who decides? In this episode, Bill and Andrew discuss how people define “good,” what interchangeability has to do with morale, and the problem with a “merit-based” culture. Bonus: Learn how Americans became the first to use the French idea of interchangeable parts in manufacturing.

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