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Your Outcomes Are Determined by Your Level of Motivation

J.T. O’Donnell, writing for Inc. Southeast Asia, shares the words that will help you reach your career goals. Check out my observations below. Embed from Getty Images   Do you have career goals in place that you feel are out of reach? You just need to ask yourself “How bad do you want it?” Your…

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Break Your Non-Lean Habits

Writing for Lean Six Sigma Belgium, Lorenzo Del Marmol reveals the non-lean habits managers should stop doing every day to boost productivity. Read on for more information from his piece. Embed from Getty Images   Put your phone down: Constant passive checking of our phones is both unproductive and time-consuming, and it can have damaging…

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The Insider Scoop on Specialty Coffee

Ana Valencia of The Perfect Grind blog examines specialty coffee in detail. Here are my key insights from her piece. Embed from Getty Images   The coffee bean grading process is called “cupping,” and specialty coffee is Arabica beans graded at 80 and above (out of 100) From the producers, to the Q graders (coffee…

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Design Your Way to a Great Presentation

James Robinson, guest posting on Indezine, helps us with the key aspect of design to help boost our presentation skills today. See my top takeaways from the article underneath. Embed from Getty Images   Having well-designed, thoughtful slides at your back can be a great confidence booster for you during your presentation When creating slides,…

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Smart Thinking On Investing – August 25

Smart Thinking On Investing – August 25 Stefanie O’Connell, in her self-named blog, opens up Smart Thinking this week with a look at lessons to be learned from the popular TV program, Sex and the City. Lesley James, guest posting on Money Nuggets teaches how to begin investing. And Alyssa Fischer, author of Mixed Up…

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