Smart Thinking On Investing – March 31

Smart Thinking On Investing – March 31

Kathy Caprino of Forbes begins Smart Thinking this week with a guide to recognizing whether you’re working with an expert or a fake. Author of My Money Blog, Jonathan Ping, suggests altering the way you look at risk in the stock market. And the Financial Samurai teaches us the way of humility.


Erin Lowry, writing for Forbes, lists what millennials should understand about money. And Sallie Krawcheck examines the investing gender gap for Ellevest…


Discern the Real from the Fake


  • Certain character traits will help you spot authentic experts—whatever their chosen field of expertise is—from those that are merely imitations
  • True professionals concentrate on their subject area, not on their own accomplishments, and they will offer honesty in both what they know and don’t know
  • A real expert continues to aspire to learn more and will share their learning, being willing to teach rather than ‘hoarding’ their knowledge

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Change Your Risk Perspective


  • If you consider short-term risk in the stock market as a potential loss of 27% of your investment, then the odds are indeed scary
  • But if you lengthen your investment time horizon then the power of compounding works in your favor, and your risk level decreases significantly
  • So, the earlier you start investing in stocks, the better off you’ll be; it’s by delaying and thinking short-term that you lessen your odds of solid returns


How do you view stock market risk? Share your experiences in the section below

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Keep It Real


  • As our career’s progress it’s important to keep our egos in check and be respectful to the people we encounter in everyday situations
  • Humbling yourself each year, maybe with an online profile scrub, puts you in a stronger position than you may realise
  • By taking the time to get to know people and being modest, you’re far likely to climb higher on your ladder to success

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Know This about Money


  • Your friends’ special occasions can be a drain on your finances—and your credit card—if you’re not careful how you get involved with them
  • Apps are the latest rage in investing but be careful you don’t concentrate your investment efforts on just the one
  • Your bank’s ‘physicality’ is not necessarily guaranteed to keep your money safe—make sure instead that it’s FDIC insured
  • Saving is important, but your income negotiation is equally significant—arm yourself with evidence to support a raise when your enter salary discussions

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Overcome the Investing Gender Gap


  • Use your 20s and 30s to get rid of your high-interest debt, save an emergency fund, as well as start (and begin to increase) your investment contributions
  • Use your 40s and 50s to max out your retirement accounts, buy long-term insurance, and save for those once-in-a-lifetime trips
  • Then, when you’re 70 and above—because you’re female and will probably live longer—retire in style and “live like a boss”

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