Smart Thinking On Investing – March 3

Smart Thinking On Investing – March 3

Stefanie O’Connell heads up Smart Thinking this week by asking if we should let money problems come between us and our partners in her self-named blog. Modest Money’s Spencer Mecham unlocks the keys to financial independence. And the Financial Panther teaches us to embrace an alternative way of living.


Katheryn Thayer puts us on the right track to sorting our finances out in Forbes. And Mindfully Spent’s Melanie Harding measures the value of worth…


Should Money Break You Up?


  • Studies show that being in debt is the second biggest issue for millennial couples causing break ups
  • But before you decide to cut and run, if they’re approach to dealing with their money problems is to knuckle down and clear them, then they could still be the ideal person for you
  • No one is perfect, we have all made financial mistakes, concentrate on how you are going to move forward together and your relationship can survive this setback

So, do you believe money should break you up? Share your comments in the section below

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Unlock Financial Independence


  • While becoming rich is an obvious goal, being financially independent has more merit as you will have more freedom too
  • Releasing yourself from the burden of debt is the first step; find the method that works for you, then find the right investing strategy for your risk level that will help you generate wealth too
  • Spend less than you earn, and divert the extra income to your savings and investments, and don’t forget to make the most of any available career opportunities

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Think Like a Student


  • Once people finish college, they change their way of thinking and spending money to align with their new income
  • If you continue to think like a student you can battle your finances much quicker, avoid the expensive apartment in favor of shared housing for example
  • Make bigger payments towards your debt before you upgrade your life right away

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Decide What Want Your Money to Do for You


  • You don’t have to achieve everything all at once, start on one financial goal at a time; don’t let yourself be disheartened
  • Evaluate your current situation; everything from the amount of debt you are truly in, and your income and expenditures
  • Get into the habit of automatically moving money to your savings and investments—once it becomes a routine it will be hard to break

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Find Your Worth


  • Your financial and self-worth are more intricately linked than you may realize
  • The limits you place due to lack of self-confidence and belief in yourself directly reflect in your earning potential and finances
  • Essentially, we earn what “we think we deserve,” so, break free of these boundaries and find your new worth

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