Smart Thinking On Investing – March 24

Smart Thinking On Investing – March 24

Christina Wallace begins Smart Thinking this week with a perspective on the unveiling of the Fearless Girl statue on Wall Street on International Women’s Day. Charis Rebecca Brown reveals what habits debt-free people don’t have for And Half Banked’s Desirae guides us through making our money count.


Sarah Li Cain, the author of High Fiving Dollars, explains how to handle your friends and money. And The Simple Dollar’s Trent Hamm discusses setting up your financial boundaries…


As Girls Become Women


  • Fearless Girl is a strong piece of artwork, representing the fearlessness of young girls as she stands up to the charging bull of Wall Street
  • But sadly, society is not as supportive of grown women being so assertive in the same manner
  • Pressuring them once they reach the working world to “put those akimbo arms down” and “take up less space”—perhaps Fearless Girl should instead have been Fearless Woman…

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Change Your Financial Mindset


  • Begin to adjust the way you think about your finances to copy that of debt-free people, and eventually, you too will be rid of your arrears
  • It’s important to keep a watchful eye on your finances to know where your money goes, and never neglect your savings
  • Don’t waste your money or get caught in high-interest loans, take advantage of any opportunity to make extra money, and stay up-to-date with the latest financial literature


How do you stay debt-free? Share your experiences in the section below

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With a Dash of Ingenuity…


  • …you can make money stretch further than you could believe it would—it just takes a little thought and imagination
  • For example, one woman turned $150 dollars into $2,600 for charity by holding a bake sale—inspiring work
  • Whether you invest it in yourself or in your community, you can certainly create an impact even with a small amount of money

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Money and Friends


  • It can be difficult to change your perspective on money when your family and friends are trying to encourage you otherwise; these are your ‘money frenemies’
  • Try to separate your finances and these negative relationships to keep on track with your budgeting lifestyle
  • Create boundaries and communicate what you want to spend when being with these money frenemies, and be sure to stand up for your chosen frugality

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Setting Your Financial Boundaries


  • When we try a new budget or frugal tactic, we’re trying to realign our current values with the new strategy—sometimes this works, but sometimes the extra pressure makes us explode
  • Listen to your gut to avoid this; there’s no point making significant changes just for the sake of change
  • Research tactics that work in line with your financial ambitions and don’t overreact when you make a change, be patient, new strategies don’t always work how you want them to immediately

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