Smart Thinking On Investing – February 17

Smart Thinking On Investing – February 17

Mindy Jensen opens Smart Thinking this week with some hard-hitting reasons behind why you’re still “poor” for Bigger Pockets. Paula Pant of Afford Anything reveals the easiest budget ever. And Bravely Go’s Kara Perez shares her inspiring journey to financial literacy.


Jason Zweig admires the smartphone tech enabling people to invest with their pennies in his Safe Haven for Intelligent Investor’s blog. And Kristin Wong, author of The Wild Wong suggests that we change our perception of money…


What Not to Spend Your Money On


  • Whether it’s tattoos, buying a new motor (or worse, leasing one), or having more space in your house than you need, there are a number of reasons behind being poor
  • Be aware of yours, are you guilty of the above? Are you spending all your money on meals out? Drinking in bars? Or expensive cable TV?
  • Work out what you can cut back on to boost your financial position; maybe you’re spending too much on cigarettes, a mani/pedi every month, or maybe you need to adjust your spending habit altogether…

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A Budget for Those Who Hate Budgets


  • Everyone advises you to budget, but they’re not always easy to stick to, so try this anti-budget
  • Pick a figure of the amount you want to save, side line this off the top of your income, and forget about all the rest
  • This “save” should include your debt, money you want to invest, as well as the savings you want to put away in the bank

Do you have any anti-budgeting tips which save you money? Share your comments in the section below

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How Financial Literacy Can Change Your Life


  • Not only will reading about personal finance issues help you increase your knowledge, it can help you feel less alone
  • Learning more about money topics can introduce you to various debt-paying strategies to rid yourself of those burdens—find the right one that works for you
  • Expand your mind and build your confidence too, get on the right path to building long-term wealth

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Building Your Wealth from Pennies


  • Smartphone technology is putting investing ease literally in the palm of everyone’s hand
  • With certain apps, you can begin the journey to future retirement wealth with little more than $5
  • Apps are helping millions of people invest and save; by overcoming the lack of willpower we find stopping us from achieving our financial goals

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Wealth Is Not Always the Answer


  • Money doesn’t necessarily buy us happiness, we put a lot of weight on the importance of having money and being able to purchase items
  • And frugality doesn’t always mean being cheap, it’s about being efficient and decluttering your lifestyle
  • Consider the mantra “money doesn’t matter,” and encourage yourself to want less and free yourself from the ties of consumerism

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