Smart Thinking On Investing – December 30

Smart Thinking On Investing – December 30

With Christmas behind us, we take a look at ways to be financially sound for the New Year ahead. Heading up Smart Thinking this week is Market Watch’s Shawn Langlois and his advice for any “would-be traders” with a “thirst for the big score.” Melanie Lockert, finance expert and author of Dear Debt: A Story About Breaking Up With Debt, guest writes for Student Hero on how to be a hustler queen like Beyoncé. And Alyssa Fischer from Mixed Up Money argues how there’s no such thing as “good debt.”
Stefanie O’Connell, blog writer on her website, reveals how we can stop living paycheck to paycheck. And Bridget Eastgaard from Money after graduation teaches us not to apologize for the things you need to do (or buy) to survive. Sometimes…

What Should You Invest Your First $10,000 In?


  • So, is it “buy what you know” or “load up on index funds”?
  • Taking risks while you’re younger isn’t a terrible idea, but the odds are stacked against you for doubling or tripling your money—you can only learn by doing
  • Spread your investment over ten different stocks—diversification—you’ll get a glimpse of the way the market works and you’ll discover your risk levels too
  • Practice with a virtual account, then learn and adjust as you go

What stocks do you plan on investing your first $10,000 in? Share your experience in the comments section below

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Keen Business Woman—Be Money Minded Like Beyoncé


  • Be consistent, with both your money and career, work hard and show up each and every day
  • Be independent, be with someone but be financially free yourself before you blend your finances with another person—make your own money
  • Realize the earning potential of your side hustles—with a little creativity they can be limitless
  • Create numerous streams of passive income through investing and be diversified with your investment choices

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Debt Is Still Debt Whichever Way You Look at It


  • Whatever the driving reason behind your debt; whether it’s a house to live in, a student loan to kickstart a good career or a business idea, it is still essentially debt
  • Or a “good investment” at best, but as with every type of investment, there is risk, and as with every type of debt you still need to repay it
  • Don’t kid yourself about the sales hype of “good debt,” there is no such thing, and there’s no guarantee of return on investment with any of your debts

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Give Yourself a Break—Sometimes


  • Sometimes it’s okay in your personal finances to cut yourself some slack over an out of budget purchase
  • Now and then you need to relieve your mental stress by forgiving an overspend because it is only temporary—both the financial and emotional chaos
  • It’s okay to fall off the wagon occasionally, just be aware of the line, don’t go overboard in the belief that spending will fix everything—sadly, it won’t

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The Emotional Aspects of Living Paycheck to Paycheck…


    • …can be just as debilitating as the financial ones; feeling all that overwhelming self-doubt that comes with the struggle
    • Work out the gap between what you earn and what you spend, until you have this information you can’t move forward
    • Take drastic measures; make cuts where you can and look for ways to earn more—expand your earning potential any way you can

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